I was born in Vermont, and grew up in New England. I started painting murals as a teenager and never stopped. For my fist mural, done while a freshman at St. Johnsbury Academy, I painted a landscape in the basement of the local hospital, then as a senior I completed a 14 foot mural for a local pool. (detail below) As an undergraduate at the University of British Columbia I studied ecology and sustainability, but couldn't put my paints and pastels away. In my free time, I started the UBC Parking Garage Beautification Project with a handful of art-minded peers. Unfortunately the group's artistic efforts, while adored by the student community, were met with resistance by campus security, and eventually grey paint.
During a 2007 a volunteer trip to Swaziland, I did two murals at a community center with the help of local children, many of whom had never painted before. (detail below) In 2008 I went abroad to New Zealand, and finally decided to put my focus solely on art. I enrolled in the Design and Arts College of New Zealand in Christchurch, and lived there for a year while completing my Foundations in Studio Arts certification.

In 2009 I returned to the states to recieve a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Johnson State College, in Vermont. I graduated in 2011 with awards in drawing and painting and a spot on the president's list.

Since receiving my BFA, I have been lucky enough to paint murals for several sustainably-minded businesses/institutions in the NEK of Vermont, including High Mowing Seeds, Pete's Greens, The Galaxy Bookshop, The Cellars at Jasper Hill, and Sterling College. (See "Murals" page to view gallery)

I hope to paint many more...(nudge nudge, wink wink)

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