Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this what you do for a living?

A: Currently, yes. I hope to continue painting and making art to support myself!

Q: How much would it cost to have you paint a mural for me?

A: Every mural will be priced differently depending on size, indoor/outdoor location, and surface material.Please contact me via email to learn about my rates.

Q: Do you travel out of state to paint murals?

I will drive out of state if the location is a reasonable distance from where I live in Burlington, VT. If it is more than 100 miles away, I might need a place to crash. For projects that are even farther away (I do love a good adventure), get in touch and we can talk about travel and accomodation logistics!

Q: I want a mural but I might move, so can you make it transportable?

A: Yes, I can paint your mural on lightweight plywood panels or a large piece of canvas.

Q: Can I hire you to do anything other than murals?

A: Yes! I love doing portraits, but I will gladly paint anything for you, including famous art reproductions.

Q: Do you ever accept barter as payment?

A: Get in touch and let's talk about it! I could be amenable to some form of barter, but I generally hope to have materials and most of my transport fees covered.

Please email comments, requests, inquiries and any feedback to me, Tara Goreau at I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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